New PFA tubing solutions

Corrugated PFA tubing allowing ultra-flexible handling - new also as dual hose!

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comprehensive chemical resistance data base.
More than 100.000 entries.

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Material table

Properties of various high-performance plastics - clearly structured!

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Ready-to-use systems

Safe and easy chemical dispensing from drums and IBCs

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Industrial Service

Quality Control as a technical service

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What we do

Our Fields

Dispensing Systems

AS QC-System. The smart handling of liquid chemicals:
quickly connected – safely dispensed.

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Products for chemical plant contruction

We develop and produce fittings, devices and valves from ultrapure plastics. Many customised solutions have developed into standard products over the years.

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Plastics Technology

Customized high-precision parts made from plastic on modern CNC milling centres and CNC lathes.

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Industrial Service

Quality assurance and quality control as a technical service. For over 25 years.

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Stainless steel QC Heads

Specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our new stainless steel Dispense and Fill Heads now also meet the strict requirements for FDA conformity in explosion-risk areas. Available in the QC2 product line, the Dispense Heads are made from V4A and ...

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Launch of subsidiary in the US

The launch of its own, dirctly operated subsidiary in the US, has been an important step for AS in order to offer our customers an even better local customer service. A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc. will be responsible for the full range of sales, service and ...

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all news

Information about new products, services and company events.

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Who we are

About us

AS is a national and international family-run company. And we operate with conviction. We stand for consistency,
quality and conscientiousness. Now and in the future.

Quality leadership, innovativeness and conscientiousness are the key pillars of our corporate success. However, customer satisfaction is at the core of our thoughts and actions. We are always a reliable partner for our clients and our suppliers. Professionalism, flexibility and uncomplicated order execution are a matter for course for us.

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Since it was founded in 1987, the family-run company has developed into a corporation with numerous business partners around the globe.



AS is proud of its team of committed employees, who also think outside the box and actively participate in the high quality of products and services.



Customers from all kinds of industries, from the chemical to the semiconductor or automotive industry, place their trust in AS products and solutions.