Industrial Service

You can focus on your daily work. We’ll take care of the problems.

Ensuring quality the German way

In the industrial service division, we offer quality assurance and quality control as a technical service. From simple reworking through to tailored CNC testing devices. For SMEs and top international companies. And always in good German quality.

  • Quality assurance and quality control as a technical service. For over 25 years.
  • We currently have a workforce of 35 permanent employees in the “Industrial Service” division and can draw on a large pool of other specialists at any time.
  • Our staff are trained in quality management, and our processes are certified – to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

  • It goes without saying that all our work is recorded precisely. We will provide you with test reports and documentation, tailored to your requirements where requested.

  • With our “AS client portal”, our clients can always keep track of ongoing orders.

Logo Compact Control

compact control

You can have your parts checked or reworked directly on site in our 500 m² testing area at our control centre in Ostfildern-Kemnat, Stuttgart. At a much lower cost. The AS control centre is only 3 km away from the A8 motorway. Short journey times and favourable transport links, including to well-known automotive manufacturers, help to ensure that stocks can be replenished reliably and on time. Whether serial or individual testing, reworking or quick preparation of measuring tools in our CNC machine park, we can provide you with optimum working conditions in our AS control centre with minimal associated costs — a cost benefit that we are happy to pass onto you.

Logo Flex Control

flex control

Anyone who has quality and processes checked and safeguarded on their behalf needs reliable partners. For over 25 years we have been testing the quality of the products of our clients’ own customers for them. 100% reliable and 100% competent.
We are a permanent fixture in the structure and processes of well-known automotive manufacturers, which means short response times and seamless order processing for you. Because we know how it works. And because we always have a close connection with our clients and their customers.

For us, flex control means reacting in a multifunctional way to materials and processes, no matter where we are operating for you. For you, it means being able to act flexibly if the occasion arises.

Logo Inhouse Control

inhouse control

With the in-house control service we check your products directly on your premises. Quick, uncomplicated and reliable. This means you save time and money and your employees can carry on with your work processes. As our site in Ostfildern-Kemnat has very good transport links and is situated directly on the A8 and close to Stuttgart airport, we can, naturally, offer our services on extremely favourable terms in the entire Stuttgart area. Our numerous clients from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors make intensive use of this.

However, what makes us stand out is our flexibility – we are ready to spring into action at any time and anywhere in the country: No matter where you are based, just contact us!

Do you urgently need support? Our service line for quick extra quality:

+49 (0)711 - 633 446-30

Work materials Industrial Service

Quality Control

With our experienced specialists and our extensive machinery fleet, we reliably inspect your parts – in-house, at your premises or at your customer’s premises. And by doing so we ensure your quality. For example, by means of selection and sorting operations, functional checks or stress tests.

Your benefits:

  • No disruption to or interruption of the production process due to material or production errors
  • Top quality standard for reworked parts
  • No commitment of personnel capacities for reworking
  • Tried and tested, cost-effective and efficient partner
  • Maximum flexibility
Rework of the industrial service


We can perform all the traditional reworking tasks for you - by hand or using CNC. Fast, cost-effective and founded on German principles.

  • Deburring – filing – turning – milling
  • Filling – grinding – welding – gluing
  • Completion of all components, e.g. use of seals and O-rings
  • Cleaning
  • Correction of faults
  • Depending on the assignment, by hand or using our CNC machine fleet.
Initial sample and routine testing

Initial sample and routine testing

  • Electronic, mechanical and visual check with precise measuring instruments
  • Preparation of test reports
  • Formulation of test methods and CNC-supported creation of testing devices

  • Material testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Process capability certificate
  • Visual check

AS client portal

as-customer portal

Monitor all your orders!
With our online portal, we offer our clients quick exclusive access to all their orders. Whether current or completed. From the award of a contract through status queries to overviews of test reports, diagrams, pictures and competencies – all the information is available at a glance. Practically in real time. In all your dealings with us, we will send you your tracking link by email. Secure and protected by a personal code. This is all part of our customer service, the German way. If you’re interested, we would be happy to send you a demo link.

as-customer portal

Customized Testing Equipment

Customized Testing Equipment

Own CNC centres. For faster, more efficient testing.

We produce the required testing equipment and installations quickly and cost-effectively on our CNC-controlled machines. In-house design and manufacture, tried and tested over 30 years, give you more flexibility and markedly increase your efficiency in testing operations.