Electrically conductive

Dispense and Fill Heads made from elec. conductive plastics, allow a safe handling of flammable chemicals in potentially explosive environments.

  • Manufactured entirely from plastic, no metal parts
  • Safe in hazardous areas
  • The conductive version is electrostatically safe in accordance with Cenelec Technical Report TR 50404:2003.

Available in product lines


Flow Rate (max)

< 2 l/min
Product line

25-50 l/min

Product line QC2

100 l/min

Product line G-Series


Check Valve
self-closing made from fluoropolymer

Turncock (QC2)

Available materials

Electrically conductive
Stainless Steel


FFKM (Kalrez®)


FKM (Viton®)


Prior to commissioning the Dispense / Fill Heads and Dip Tubes have to be grounded appropriately.

Dispense- / Fill Heads:
Grounding with incorporated grounding wire.

Dip Tubes:

Grounding with optional grounding wire, contact ring or grounding clamp.

Related Dip Tubes

Electrically conductiv version CD

Technical Information
Instruction Dispense Heads QC2 and G-Series

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Fill and Dispense Heads with Limit Switch

Dispense and Fill Heads with built-in limit switch to signal the correct coupling with the dip tube.Features: Flexible applications: Signal of secure and tight connection after co...
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Fill Heads with integrated N2-blanketing port

Fill Heads with additional second vent port allow nitrogen blanketing and filling of the container afterwards in a closed loop. Available in product lines QC2 G-Series ...
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Manual turncocks

Manual turncocks in the Dispense and Fill Heads enable a variety of applications: Higher flow rates No flow losses due to check valve Can be used in both flow directions Particul...
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check resistance

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Docking stations

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Universal drum wrench

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Level measurement

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Convoluted PFA tubing

  • Flexible handling
  • Ideal for vertical installation of the suction line
  • Also suitable for applications with dosing pumps
  • Version with elek. dissipative outer surface
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Please visit our download center for further downloads and other languages. Resources > Downloads.