• 750+ Chemicals
  • 140+ Materials
  • 100.000+ Resistances
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Comprehensive resistances database - over 100,000 entries


Combine the options individually with the modular system within the QC2, QC3 or G-Series.

Dispense Head with Integrated Bubble Sensor

Report empty status easily and fully automatically. Dispense heads with integrated bubble sensor enable automatic operation.

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Fill and Dispense Heads with Limit Switch

Dispense and Fill Heads with built-in limit switch to signal the correct coupling with the dip tube.

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Fill Head with Mixing Nozzle

Fill Heads with mixing nozzles allow an homogeneous mixing of chemicals without additional mechanical stirrers.

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Electrically conductive

Dispense and Fill Heads made from elec. conductive plastics, allow a safe handling of flammable chemicals in potentially explosive environments. Manufactured entirely from plastic,...
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QC-M Dispense Heads with integrated membrane pump

The QC-M Dispense Heads with integrated air driven membrane pump are the perfect solution if it is not possible to install a stationary pump or if you have to dispense at different stations.

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Dispense Heads with hand or foot pump

Dispense Heads with hand or foot pump are particularly suitable for easily and safely dispensing small quantities.

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Manual turncocks

Manual turncocks in the Dispense and Fill Heads enable a variety of applications:

  • Higher flow rates
  • No flow losses due to check valve
  • Can be used in both flow directions
  • Particularly suitable for:
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Ball valves with limit switch

G-Series Dispense and Fill Heads with a ball valve can be optionally equipped with a multifunctional module, which allows signalling when the ball valve is in the correct position.

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Pneumatic membrane valves

Pneumatic membrane valves in the Dispense and Fill Heads enable an automated activation.

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QC–S sampling unit for ultra-pure sample collection

With the QC-S sampling unit, the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the sample bottle (accessories). Cross-contamination is largely prevented. Using th...
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Dispense Heads Stainless Steel

Specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our stainless steel Dispense Heads now also meet the regulations concerning FDA approved materials in explosion Areas.

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QC2 Dispense Head Incorporated with Turbine Flow Meter

Offers identical features as our QC2 dispense heads with the addition of dosing and flow metering capabilities.

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