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Particle filter for ventilation

The particle filter only lets purified air into the container to compensate the pressure.
Easy to fit onto the Dispense Head’s ventilation connection using the angle adapter supplied.

  • Filter membranes made of pure PTFE
  • Safe and efficient removal of dust and microorganisms
  • Permanently hydrophobic
  • No wetting from air moisture
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MaterialMembrane filter

Angle bracket

Pore size
0,2 µm
ConnectionsParticle Filter (both-way) MNPT1/4", Angle Bracket towards Dispense Head MNPT 3/8"
Filtration area
0,05 m²
Resistance of the filter
at 50 m³/h – pΔ = 50 millibar
SterilizationBy autoclaving (121°C or 134°C)
Please note
Due to thecontinuedinclusionof the PTFEmembranewithdustparticles duringthefiltration, theparticulate filtershould be checkedperiodicallyandreplaced if necessary.
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