Dispensing Systems

Quick couplings for ISO containers

Chemically resistant quick coupling made of PCTFE for connection to ISO container/tanker.

  • Sizes: DN40 for liquid transfer and DN25 for ventilation
  • No metallic parts
  • Qualified for high-purity chemicals
  • Optimal sealing on both sides
  • Quick and simple coupling
  • Safe and clean handling of chemicals in a sealed system (chemicals and N2)
  • Connection flange in various standards (e.g. ANSI, DIN. JIS) or NPT thread, other types on request
  • Highly elastic, permanently elastic valve spring made of fluoropolymer
  • Beading strip for simple, manual handling


  • Break-off protection with wire cable - automatically uncouples if tension develops on the hose.
  • Connection for sampling


  • Protective caps for male and female part


Dispensing from tanker

Our quick couplings as a connection between tanker lines (black) and on-site hoses. On the left is the line for N2, in which a quick coupling in DN25 is installed. On the right is a quick coupling DN40 installed by which H2SO4 is removed. Both couplings are connected on the tanker side via a stainless steel flange and on the system side via a ball valve connection.

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Level measurement

Simple and clean level measurement and overfill protection on drum and IBC.
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Pneumatic cylinder made of plastic

Compressed-air driven cylinder for axial movements in chemical plant construction.

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Check valves made of PTFE or other plastics

Chemically resistant check valves for inline installation into pipe and hose circuits for high purity chemical applications.

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Quick couplings made of PTFE/PFA

Chemically resistant quick couplings made of PTFE/PFA - self-sealing, free of dead spaces and contamination.

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Dual hose system PFA/PVC

  • Double safety due to PVC protective hose
  • More flexible and higher bending radius than PFA hoses
  • Also suitable for applications with dosing pumps
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Convoluted PFA tubing

  • Flexible handling
  • Ideal for vertical installation of the suction line
  • Also suitable for applications with dosing pumps
  • Version with antistatic outer surface
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Flare tool for PFA hoses

Flare tools made of PTFE for the practical extension of PFA hoses.
Available in all standard sizes.

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Y-Strainer made of PTFE

Protects aggregates from contamination caused by particles and damage.

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Fittings/flanges made of plastic

The perfect connection for every application. We produce standardised and customised fittings and flanges made of high purity plastic - also in small batches.

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Eductor / jet pump made of plastic

Maintenance-Free jet pumps completely made of plastics. Without moving parts and suitable for high purity applications.

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