Mobile systems

Transfer filling trolley

Ready-to-connect transfer filling trolley including control system for your process.
For example for transferring from transport containers like barrels or IBCs into a reactor or intermediate tank.

  • Outputs up to 130 l/min
  • Automatic shut-off device possible when empty or if pump is leaking
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Dispense Head with Integrated Bubble Sensor

Report empty status easily and fully automatically. Dispense heads with integrated bubble sensor enable automatic operation.

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Ready-to-use complete systems

The stationary and ready-to-use dispensing station allows maximum safety and flexibility.
Designed for safe and efficient dispensing of chemicals - the perfect addition for the QC-System.

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Supply trolley

Customised supply trolley for mobile and safe chemical supply. We are happy to construct supply trolleys tailored to your process, incl. pump, Dispense and Fill Head, valves and h...
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Transfer filling station in a case

Ready-to-use QC-System as a practical travel unit for the safe dispensing and filling of chemical liquids independent of location.

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Docking stations

Safe and reliable storage unit for Dispense and Fill Heads whilst changing containers.

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Universal drum wrench

Universal drum wrench for safely opening, closing and fitting dip tubes and screw plugs.

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Flexible convoluted and corrugated tubing and dual hoses made of PFA - also in elec. conductive.
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