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More than just a simple Quick-Connect
Dispense System.

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Katalin Német
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AS QC-System. The leading dispense system for liquid and high-purity chemicals.

New technologies and manufacturing processes have also redefined the handling of chemicals: Human beings and the environment have to be protected from the impact of the chemical product just as well as the high-purity chemical product must be protected from contamination of human beings. Only closed production circuits ensure either protection. For the countless container and packaging systems on the market AS has developed, together with a leading specialist in the chemical industry, an innovative dispense system with a snap closing.

The system, that is completely made of high performance plastics, consists of a dip tube, a dispense head and a patented codable plug-in coupling (Quick Connect), which connects the dip tube to the dispense head. Pumps can be connected over default adapters for easy withdrawal.

Introduction to the QC-Dispensing System

The following video gives a short introduction to the QC-Dispensing System for Liquid Chemicals.

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In use of the largest chemical companies.

The AS Quick Connect (QC) system was developed for the absolutely safe, contamination free and still very fast withdrawal of highly purified liquids. Within a few years it became one of the leading systems worldwide. Meanwhile leading chemical companies, chemical merchants, semiconductor producers and plant engineers use QC on a large scale. A synergy effect which saves all participants costs.

A patented technology. Extensive service.

AS offers you the complete components of the patented QC-system including various pumps. We also give advice to all questions concerning the use of our dispense system up to the development of individual solutions.


  • no dripping or splashing during setup
  • closed liquid loop
  • compatible with almost every packaging for liquids from 10 to 1000 litres
  • qualified for high purity semiconductor chemicals and certified for the use with flammable liquids
  • patented coding system
  • completely made of high performance plastics
  • very high diffusion rate in the semiconductor and chemical industry
  • developed and manufactured in Germany

If you are interested you will find the complete QC data sheet with detailed information as a PDF document to download, here: english version, spanish version, french version, italian version.

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