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Corrugated PFA Tubing

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Corrugated PFA Tubing

For a stress-free installation and ultra-flexible handling of the QC-System. Ideal for vertical and horizontal installation of the suction line.
The chemical and physical properties of PFA tubes are largely identical to those made of PTFE. They have an outstanding and almost universal resistance against most chemicals, are ultra-pure and can be used for pharmaceutical applications.

The key differences to PTFE are: lowercold flow, improved mechanical properties, lower diffusion, higher purity and better translucency. PFA can be welded.


  • Flare connections on both ends of the tube
  • Nominal widths: 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"and 1" (more available on request)
  • Lengths:
    • 3/8" up to 1.5 meter
    • 1/2" up to 3 meter
    • 3/4" up to 6 meter
    • 1" up to 6 meter
  • Different ultra pure PFA qualities available on request
  • 10 cm-long straight hose ends on both sides so that the QC Dispense Head can easily be connected with the flare connecting system
  • More stable compared to usual corrugated PFA tubing due to inwards corrugation

Corrugated PFA Tubing

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