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New Headquarters

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New Headquarters

In the presence of the Managing Directors Andreas Szeteli, Michael Szeteli and Thomas Raisser, the foundation stone was laid for the new company headquarters on 21 October 2016. The new building, located even closer to Stuttgart Airport and central transport links, will provide space for over 100 employees and was completed in September 2017.

Strategic further development while retaining the good infrastructure

"We are delighted at the decision to stay at the Ostfildern location with its good infrastructure and to build new premises here. Our many employees are naturally also pleased, as in future they will have even less far to travel to work," says the technical director Michael Szeteli. CEO Andreas Szeteli took the opportunity to emphasise in particular the opportunities for strategic further development of the company: "In recent years, as Strömungstechnik has been able to further strengthen its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of dispense systems and precision components from high-performance plastics, which can be attributed not least to the high degree of customer orientation at as Strömungstechnik. With the new building, we are again increasing the quality claim for our products, and we will be able to align our company even more intensively with customer- and service-oriented requirements in the future. The clear, functional architecture of the new headquarters is appropriate for our company and our corporate philosophy, and it provides us with the space for continuous and successful further development."

Energy-efficient construction for environment-friendly production

On a surface area of 1,800 m2 , a building will be created that complies with the future energy-saving regulation EnEV 2017. With regard to environment protection and curtailing climate change, the company is always aware of its responsibility. For this reason, the new building will also conform to an innovative energy concept that goes beyond the legal requirements of the EnEV with its low energy standard. "Through the use of our self-generated solar energy and waste heat from the machines, combined with energy-efficient consumer appliances, the company is not only approaching the future with great consciousness of costs, but also intends to consistently minimise its "CO2 footprint," emphasises financial director Thomas Raisser

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