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QC–S sampling unit for ultra-pure sample collection

With the QC-S sampling unit, the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the sample bottle (accessories). Cross-contamination is largely prevented. Using the gas recovery line that can be fitted, chemical vapours and liquids are effectively fed back into the container from the pump cylinder. The bottles are immediately sealed after the sampling process. The disposable suction hose made of PFA can be quickly replaced. This ensures that unmixed samples are taken in each case. If required, a new hose is used for each sample. Using a QC-1 Dispense Head makes the QC-S sampling unit a safe, simple and flexible connection to all QC-System dip tubes belonging to the QC-2 product line. Using corresponding adapters, a large number of sample bottles can be connected.

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  • Ideal when it comes down to ultimate purity.
  • Dispense a large number of chemicals with just one tool by replacing the PFA hose.
  • Contaminated ambient air does not get into the drum.

Available in product lines


Available bottle connections

See table below

Wetted parts

Included sampling bottle*


FFKM (Kalrez®)


FKM (Viton®)

Included in delivery

Vacuum pump,
QC-1 Dispense Head,
Adapter for sampling bottle,
Sampling bottle,
Hose PFA 1/4", 3,0 m,

*We can manufacture customised bottle adapters to fit your bottle:

Thread type
DiameterThread lead
S36x636 mm6 mm
S42x442 mm4 mm
S45x445 mm
4 mm
S52x452 mm
4 mm
Rd25x425 mm
4 mm
Rd32x432 mm
4 mm
Datasheet Sampling Unit
Instruction QC-S Sampling Unit (2/2)

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Please visit our download center for further downloads and other languages. Resources > Downloads.