Dual hose System PFA/PVC - ultra flexible with corrugated PFA tubing

The perfect combination of ultra-flexible PFA corrugated tubing and protective PVC hose for double containment.


  • Minimum bending radius
  • High flexibility can replace rigid piping
  • More stable compared to usual corrugated PFA tubing due to inwards corrugation
  • Different ultra pure PFA qualities available on request
  • Reliable sealing from Flare and anti-kink nut and outside hose; thus provides safety even in case of a leak on the PFA core hose
  • Possible to fit sensors, e.g. capacitive sensors, temperature sensor or conductivity sensor
  • Perfect in combination with the QC-System

Core hose made of PFA:

The chemical and physical properties of PFA tubes are largely identical to those made of PTFE.
They have an outstanding and almost universal resistance against most chemicals, are ultra-pure and can be used for pharmaceutical applications. The key differences to PTFE are: lowercold flow, improved mechanical properties, lower diffusion, higher purity and better translucency. PFA can be welded.

Technical Data:

core hose

outside hose


(others available on request)

FKM (Viton®)
1/2", 3/4"- 1": Standard 1m / 2 m and 3 m; up to 6 m on request
Working temperatur
max 60°C

Available sizes and dimensions:

Ø Outside Ø Inner
Wall Thickness**
Working Pressure*
Brust Pressure*

PVCØ Outside (mm)
Dual hose system
Min. bending radius (mm)
R12S134-CT x LengthR12S142-CT x LengthR12S113-CT x Length

*at 20°C

**at the straight hose ends

check resistance

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