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Dispensing Systems

25 years ago we developed our first drum dispensing system – since then we have devoted ourselves to the secure removal of all kinds of chemicals from canisters, jerrycans, drums, barrels, totes and IBC's.

QC-System Introduction

The smart handling of liquid chemicals: quickly connected – safely dispensed....
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QC Dispense and Fill Heads

The right Dispense or Fill Head for every application. From simple sample dispensing and practical mobile systems to high-flow versions. Also designed for automated processes. ...
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QC Dip Tubes

Over 1000 standard variants. Custom-made and preinstalled. For virtually every length, for every container. With and without bellow for virtually complete emptying....
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QC Accessories

Comprehensive accessories for QC Dispense Heads and dip tubes. From safe storage to tamper proof closures....
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Ready-to-use complete systems

The stationary and ready-to-use dispensing station allows maximum safety and flexibility.
Designed for safe and efficient dispensing of chemicals - the perfect addition for the QC-System.

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Mobile systems

Mobile supply or transfer filling stations incl. pump, hoses, control system and the QC-System. The following versions of the mobile systems are available: Supply Trolley: Customis...
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Chemical Plant Construction Products

We develop and produce fittings, devices and valves from ultrapure plastics. Many customised solutions have developed into standard products over the years.


Flexible convoluted and corrugated tubing and dual hoses made of PFA - also in elec. conductive....
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Quick couplings made of PTFE/PFA

Chemically resistant quick couplings made of PTFE/PFA - self-sealing, free of dead spaces and contamination.

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Level measurement and overfill protection

Simple and clean level measurement and overfill protection on drum and IBC. Choose between the following options: Level Measurement: Capacitive and simple level measurement from ou...
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Check valves made of PTFE or other plastics

Chemically resistant check valves for inline installation into pipe and hose circuits for high purity chemical applications.

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Pneumatic cylinder made of plastic

Compressed-air driven cylinder for axial movements in chemical plant construction.

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Flare tool for PFA hoses

Flare tools made of PTFE for the practical extension of PFA hoses.
Available in all standard sizes.

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Ventilation Flaps for systems and housings

Our ventilation flaps make it possible to compensate for underpressure or overpressure in systems or housings.

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Y-Strainer made of PTFE

Protects aggregates from contamination caused by particles and damage.

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Fittings/flanges made of plastic

The perfect connection for every application. We produce standardised and customised fittings and flanges made of high purity plastic - also in small batches.

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