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QC Dip Tubes


Coding system that prevents product mix-ups

The patented pin-hole coding system with clear medium assignment reliably prevents product mix-ups.

Coding system that prevents product mix-ups Coding system that prevents product mix-ups Coding system that prevents product mix-ups

Complete emptying

Custom-made AS QC-dip tubes with or without bellow enable a best possible complete drainage.
Adapted to various lengths and threads, they ensure virtually complete drainage even from large containers.

QC-dip tubes with bellow in a drum QC-dip tubes with bellow

High-purity plastics

For example, HDPE, PVDF and PFA – also available in a conductive version for hazardous areas.
Always completely made of plastic and thus protected against corrosion.
Especially developed variants made from stainless steel for the pharmaceutical industry complete the portfolio.

Electrically conducted dip tubes and dispense head qc dip tubes and dispense head

Suitable for all containers

For 5 to 1000 litre container and packaging systems.
QC is the right solution for IBCs, drums or canisters, for every connecting thread metric or buttress thread. And it can empty every format more efficiently than you've ever seen before.

Overview container Overview dip tubes

Ventilation of the container

The integrated ventilation channels in the dip tube and the Dispense Head ensure safe ventilation of the container during emptying. They also prevent any potential overpressure in the container from escaping uncontrollably when the dip tube closure is opened, as it can for example happen with alternative dip tubes.



In the QC2 and G-Series product line, chemicals can be recirculated / filled back into the container through a second dip tube and fill head, which are mounted to the second drum opening.


Closures and tamper proof closures

A variety of closures and matching tamper-proof closures protect the medium during transport.
Also available in versions with built-in ventilation for media such as hydrogen peroxide.

Closures and tamper proof closures Closures and tamper proof closures Closures and tamper proof closures Closures and tamper proof closures

QC Dip Tubes

Over 1000 standard variants. Custom-made and preinstalled. For virtually every length, for every container. With and without bellow for virtually complete emptying.

Product lines dip tubes

The dip tubes of the different product lines are the counterparts to the associated Dispense and Fill Heads.

You can choose from the following product lines:

  • QC2 Dip Tubes
  • QC3 Dip Tubes
  • G-Series Dip Tubes
  • M2-Series Dip Tubes

For more information, click on the respective product line.

QC2 Dip Tubes

  • Very widespread
  • Versions for every container
  • Largest selection of materials, options and accessories
  • Electrically conductive design
  • Dispensing and fill/return flow via two dip tubes
  • Flow max. 25-50 l/min
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QC3 Dip Tubes

  • Dispensing and return flow through a single dip tube
  • Flow max. 25-50 l/min
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G-Series Dip Tubes

  • Versions for every container
  • Electrically conductive versions
  • Dispensing and Fill/return flow via two dip tubes
  • Flow max. 100-150 l/min
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M2-Series Dip Tubes

  • Versions for every container
  • Short suction times for dosing applications
  • Flow max. 2 l/min
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Options Dip Tubes

Combine Dip Tubes of the different product lines with the suitable option for your application.


The flexible bellows at the end of the dip tube can sit on the bottom of the container and thus enables the container to be completely emptied.

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Mixing nozzles

Using mixing nozzles on recirculation dip tubes, suspensions such as slurries can be optimally prepared below the liquid level.

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Dip tubes with bottom-plate enable suction above the settled, too large particle aggregates in slurries.

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Suction cone

The streamlined design of the suction cone at the end of the dip tube allows an optimal suction of viscous media and those containing solids.

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Electrically conductive Dip tubes

Dip tubes made of electrically conductive plastic, for dispensing flammable liquids and for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Manual insertion

If the container is not transported with the dip tube, the dip tube can also be inserted manually by hand.

  • Optional wings at the dip tube stopper
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Check valve

Dip tubes with an integrated check valve seal the container up to the connection of the Dispense Head.

  • Made out of 100% plastic
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Emission protection film

A film made of PP inserted in the dip tube acts as an emission protection when connecting the Dispense Head.

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Coding pins

Our QC dip tubes can also be purchased uncoded and coded to the appropriate chemical as needed.

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Dip Tubes Stainless Steel

Specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our new stainless steel Dip Tubes now also meet the regulations concerning FDA materials in explosion proof areas.

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Choose the right closure for your dip tube from a large variety....
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